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  1. My opinion on Pinocchio, is that no child is perfect no matter what. You can see that Pinocchio is a puppet, and not a “real boy” and still makes mistakes like everyone does. I think the point of the movie is to show that no one is perfect, and no one grows up, either. Pinocchio, although he isn’t a “real boy,” is still young, and makes some of the mistakes that teenagers, and even adults still do.

    I also think that in the painting, “Baby At Play” it shows parents trying to make their child grow up too fast. Although the baby is playing, it is dressed in nice clothes that aren’t suitable for play. I agree with what you said, most people’s work is play, and it’s almost like this baby is a small adult. She’s playing with toys, and yet she doesn’t look like she should be, but I think it’s a metaphor for adults doing jobs that they actually want to do and enjoy doing. Even though it might not be pleasant 100% of the time, they can still enjoy themselves.

  2. I agree that even though you grow up, you still need to have play and your life, and also that you retain some of your childhood nature. In “A Children’s Puppet Show”, it is proved that many of your characteristics and activities carry over to adulthood. Without some amount of play in your life, you would most likely die of boredom, so just because something is “childish”, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. I also thought the section about the three men of three different religions could all laugh at the same thing and find it funny. That shows that despite being from different cultures, people can still find things in common and get along with each other well.

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